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When applying for admission to The International Management Institute, applicants must submit a completed application form. Non-native English speaking applicants have to prove adequate English proficiency.

Non-European Union applicants must apply for a student visa and must have financial guarantees in the form of letters from sponsors and bank certificates.

Application Facts and Dates

For both our Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programmes there are three intakes every year in January, June and September.

Registration must be completed in accordance to the procedures as determined by the administration and after the process is formally endorsed/completed, fees would not normally be refunded.

The applicant understands the regulations set by the insititution related to the application process and by applying he/she undertakes full responsibility to abide by the set rules.

How to Apply?

1) Step #1: Download your application form

2) Step #2: Print the form

3) Step #3: Fill out the form;

4) Step #4: Mail the form*

*Students outside the European Union (UK, Asia, Africa, Australia and USA) can mail their applications to: admissions@timi.edu

*European Union students can mail their applications to: info@timi.edu  

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