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Located in Brussels, Belgium, headquarters of the European Union, TIMI stands at the confluence of ideas and ideologies which are constantly transforming the global business-economic model and reorienting the future of globalization. The proximity to elite organizations like the European Union Headquarters and NATO exposes the students to a unique transnational perspective.

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Three continents, one extraordinary experience..

TIMI- one of the leading centres of higher learning in the areas of business and management, offers postgraduate and undergraduate level programmes from its campus located in Brussels (considered the capital of Europe). The institute also offers an International Residentship Programme which gives students an opportunity to participate in study tour to Asia and America.

The campus in Brussels is located in the heart of the city to enable easy access to various multinational and fast growing corporations in the area.

TIMI's global faculties, both permanent and visiting, have been handpicked and possess specializations in various fields of management with outstanding academic and research credentials. Most of them have rich consulting experience with leading companies and have traveled around extensively.

TIMI's postgraduate and undergraduate programmes serve as a platform for the students to launch themselves into the corporate world or explore further learning opportunities at various global centres of excellence.

TIMI, Brussels traces its roots back to 1973. Over the last 40 years the institution has gone through multiple transformations and changes in the board. TIMI is a private unaccredited institute established as per the laws of Belgium. TIMI prides itself in giving unparalleled education in management as would be evident from a look at its course content. Students looking for accredited / government recognized programmes need not apply at TIMI. Students of TIMI are working in all kinds of corporations around the world which is proof of the international recognition of TIMI credentials.

TIMI's research strength lies where the future of the world economy lies today - developing markets of the world like India, China and Africa. Apart from Europe, over the years students of TIMI have also been largely from the developing markets of Asia and Africa.